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Women who are thinking about delaying their family can now take a £65 fertility test to check their egg count

A new blood test promises to calm women worried about the fertility by revealing if they have a low egg-count.

The test, offered by a New York fertility clinic, screens women aged 18-35 for future risk of developing premature ovarian aging (POA).

POA effects one in ten women, but as it is a condition with no obvious symptoms, many do not get diagnosed until they have started fertility treatment.

The £65 ($98) What’s My Fertility test involves a questionnaire and a blood test, and determines whether a woman has or is at risk of developing POA.

‘Armed with knowledge, at-risk women can better plan their life, and, likely, avoid struggles with infertility in their thirties and forties,’ the Center for Human Reproduction writes on its website.

‘Those not found at elevated risk can feel more confident in postponing pregnancies and on concentrating on other priorities.’

This follows a recent survey which revealed British women are waiting to start a family due to the desire for their own home, financial stability and the right relationship.

Nine out of ten women under 40 were aware that the risks of pregnancy increased with age, and many were worried they were running out of time to have children.

The survey, from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas), found that some 82 per cent believed being in the right relationship was key to start a family.

Among those not planning on starting families soon, 50 per cent said concerns about the costs of raising a child were also a factor.

Some 70 per cent of women said they thought that combining work with childcare would be difficult, with 62 per cent  worrying about being able to find affordable childcare.

Fewer than one in ten of those polled said the fact that IVF was available made them less concerned about delaying having children.

Source: Dailymail

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